PC700 Electric centrifuge

PC700 Electric centrifuge

PC700 Electric centrifuge

Centrifuge. Machine for making centrifuged fruit and vegetables. Structure in stainless steel and plastic suitable for contact with food. Automatic expulsion of the pulp. Upper cover in transparent polycarbonate
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Centrifuge indicated for centrifuged fruit and vegetables.

Stainless steel and plastic structure suitable for contact with foodstuffs.

- Automatic expulsion of the pulp
- Plastic waste container
- Transparent polycarbonate top cover
- Safety microswitch
- Stainless steel filter and disc

Technical data:

- Power: 850 Watt
- Speed: 2800 rpm
- Spout dimensions: Ø 70 mm
- Net weight: 5 Kg
- Dimensions Cm 23 x 31 x 39.5 h

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